The Fishtown Beer Runners were tapped to run the last leg of the Hammer of Glory, along with the dirndl and lederhosen wearing staff of Brauhaus Schmitz, to the Open Tap. Mayor Nutter used the Hammer of Glory to tap the first keg officially launching Philadelphia Beer Week. The runners accompanied the Hammer from Brauhaus Schmitz to the Philadelphia Visitor Center.

Here is an eye witness account from Little Dave Maver:

I ran down to the Brauhaus Schmitz to meet up with other beer runners to escort the dindl clad women with the Hammer of Glory. Greg and I, since we had already run 3 miles, chose to grab a beer to kick off Philadelphia Beer Week! Upon arrival of The Hammer from the Varga Girls on skates, we took possession with the crew from Brauhaus and set out to deliver The Hammer on their German-engineered chariot. Blocking traffic on the roads to Independence Mall, we encountered many cheers. On our final leg in, hops were thrown in the air to signal our arrival. We performed out duties and the Hammer was transferred over to the Third Street Irish Society. We watched the Mayor use the Hammer to officially kick off Beer Week!

Early in the day,Fishtown Beer Runner Co-President and Founder, David April, along with the fine folks of the Philadelphia Brewing Company, delivered the Hammer from PBC to Johnny Brenda’s. the Hammer was delivered via the Kenzinger Express kinetic sculpture. David had the honor of passing off The Hammer to the next carrier.