Catholics have patron saints, sports teams and schools have mascots, and The Fishtown Beer Runners have The Professor. You will all be happy to know that FBR’s “patriarch” is a very cool, leather jacket wearing, motorcycle riding, generous, kind and humble man. The professor is Dr. Manuel Castillo-Garzon of the University of Granada. He and his students conducted the research about the effects of beer after exercise.  After each run we toast, “To the Professor” in gratitude of his research.










Short Biography

MD and PhD by the University of Granada (Spain), specialized in Chemical Pathology and Nutrition-Endocrinology and Professor and Chair of Medical Physiology since 1996 at Granada Medical School.  Head of Clinical and Exercise Physiology Unit and former medical director of a health resort.  Leader of more than 30 peer-reviewed research projects, funded by national and international public or private organizations.  Stable research and academic collaboration with several centers in Spain, Europe and America.  Member of the scientific board of several medical and scientific associations.

Author of over 200 scientific publications, more than half in international peer-review journals.
More than 300 communications to national and international meetings and congresses.
Invited speaker for more than 200 lectures (half of them at international events).
Member of the organizing or scientific committee of national or international events.