Last summer, while reveling in the glory of a two-month vacation, a friend invited me to Fishtown Beer Runners.  At first, I denied him.  Beer runners? In Fishtown?  Is that some kind of triathlon-hash-running club? 
Thankfully, I’m a Googler.  After my less-than-extensive search for “Fishtown Beer Runners,” I concluded that a running group that combined two of my favorite pastimes – running and drinking – was too good of an opportunity to pass up.  “On second thought,” I text my summer boozin’ buddy, “Let’s do this.”  And we did.
Despite the wretched humid conditions that gorge Philadelphia in the summer months, attendance at my inaugural beer run was massive.  Okay, maybe “massive” is too strong of an adjective – but there were plenty of runners who did not let the 90 degree/100 percent humidity deter them from a 3-4 mile jaunt.  At this point, I knew that FBR and I would be great friends.
Beer Runners are friends whether running, having a beer, or just hanging out.

Speaking of friends, FBR is more than just a group of people who meet once a week to run – we’re a family.  While running to various bars throughout the city is a thrill in itself, perhaps the better part of this group lies in the camaraderie amongst the runners.  Beer runners are extremely welcoming to anyone, especially new runners.  People at all paces and ability levels can find comfort in the fact that they will always have a buddy to run with and someone to cheers with as founder, David April, religiously gives gratitude to “The Professor” at the bar of choice each week.

Although FBR meets weekly, many of the runners gather throughout the week and on the weekends to run, socialize and of course, test out bars around the great city of Philly.  Fellow beer runners have even been caught cycling to the suburbs and attending the infamous Gospel Brunch together.  Who knew Thursday night beer runs could brood life-long friendships?!
Sometimes, when I’m feeling nostalgic, I’ll think back to the summer of 2010.  How, with one invite, a few texts and my superb ability to stalk navigate the Internet, I stumbled upon Fishtown Beer Runners.  I’ve met great people, drank a variety of beers, and ran though parts of town that I never knew existed.   Each Thursday, I look forward to pounding the pavement with friends, new and old, all in the spirit of science.
So while you won’t have to twist my arm to run for beer, these days, the reason I run with FBR lies in the people who run with FBR.  Of course, a pint of Bells pilsener at the finish always adds a little motivation.

— Abbey Baker