Catholics have patron saints, sports teams and schools have mascots, and The Fishtown Beer Runners have The Professor. You will all be happy to know that FBR’s “patriarch” is a very cool, leather jacket wearing, motorcycle riding, generous, kind and humble man. The professor is Dr. Manuel Castillo-Garzon of the University of Granada. He and his students conducted the research about the effects of beer after exercise.

Fellow Beer Runners Erin Browning and Megan, and I were invited to the University of Granada’s School of Sports Science to hear a doctoral candidate defend her dissertation based on the study. Afterward, I participated on a panel to discuss the study and its social impact. I spoke about FBR and our efforts to promote responsible running and drinking in the interest of science. I showed the FYI Philly piece. I then presented The Professor with an official FBR technical shirt and two FBR/PBC pint glasses.

Discussion panel about the application of the research study.

Presentation of the official FBR shirt. Meghan, me, The Professor, and Erin.


Beer run with faculty and staff of the University of Granada Medical School.

After the formal activities at the University, The Professor organized a beer run, which was also the launch of the Granada Beer Runners which will be patterned after FBR. We are now sister clubs. We ran through the narrow and hilly streets of Granada (think Manyunk). It was a beautiful run ending in a hill top restaurant overlooking the city. There I lead a toast to the University of Granada, FBR and to The Professor! The Professor is not a runner, so he said, but he ran up the hillside with no problem. He said the FBR shirt energized him. We met by the Spanish media and later a segment appeared on the news and in the newspaper.

Launching of the Granada Beer Runners.


After the beer run.

More to come!