Let me bring you back to a magical evening…Sometime in the spring of 2009, this running group took a long trek to South Philly to a great beer-lovers spot, The Devil’s Den.  This happened to be one of my first Fishtown Beer Runners events, but it was incredibly memorable – good weather, good run, good food, good (and plentiful) beer, good conversation…good times!  I believe that this one late night sealed the deal for me as a beer runner, and I hadn’t even met everyone yet!  And, little did I know that across the bar that very evening, a love affair was brewing between two members of FBR, who I now fondly refer to as part of my “Philly Phamily” (Thanks, girl-Shawn).  


Shawn, Mallory, Wendy

Fast forward two years later…now, a seasoned beer runner, I had the pleasure of taking part in another memorable event.    The Fishtown Beer Runners re-created that very same run to The Devil’s Den on May 12th, to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Mallory and Eric, the same couple who started dating after the first Devil’s Den night!  This is the first couple within the group to have gone the distance, from meeting at FBR to eventual marriage, with many beer runs in between!  And in true FBR fashion, we decided to celebrate their union with a “formal” run.  Yes, this means that everyone was invited to wear their finest formal attire…and to run in it.  Plenty of beer runners came aptly dressed for the occasion, including the bride and groom!  It was a gorgeous evening, and therefore, we had many new beer runners who were quite surprised by the choice of dress, but I don’t think that it scared too many of them away.  We decided as a group to try to stay together over the 5 mile run to the bar, and I believe we passed many thinking that we were a flash mob or an actual wedding!  After receiving many honks of recognition, we made it to our destination, only to find a champagne toast and phenomenal wedding cake awaiting us there – we are fortunate enough to have our own professional pastry chef as a runner!  Thanks, Justin!   

The actual wedding celebration occurred on May 21st!  A handful of beer runners were in attendance to celebrate with Mallory and Eric and represent well as our very own beer runner, Holly, had the opportunity to give a speech about their meeting at FBR.  She even made a toast to the professor!  


To The Professor: Eric, Mallory, and Holly on the Big Day!

You never know what will happen when you put on a pair of running shoes and go out for a a beer with the FBR…who is next? 

–Wendy Levesque