Fishtown Beer Runners  President and Co-Founder, David April,  is heading back to Spain.  Last year, David was invited by The Professor to speak at the University of Granada Medical School, where The Professor conducted the famous beer hydration studies.  FBR formed to honor The Professor and to give credence to his research.

This time around David is the the guest of the Spanish Brewers’ Association.  According to The Professor, the Brewers’ Association was so inspired by the Fishtown Beer Runners and its activities that they are sponsoring beer running initiatives around Spain.  David will  participate in the launching of Beer Runners Barcelona on September 29th,  and Beer Runners Madrid on October 6th.

Check out their website (you will have to Google translate it).  Here is a video from their first event,  also a promotional video for Beer Runners Spain. Funny,  Beer Runners Spain was influenced by the Fishtown Beer Runners which was inspired by the research of a Spanish medical doctor in Granada!

If you happen to be in Spain, please join David and The Professor for a beer run!