Fishtown Beer Runners co-founders, Eric Fiedler and David April

One afternoon in November, 2007 while running together in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia,  Eric Fiedler told David April about a beer study conducted by Professor Manuel Castillo at the University of Granada, Spain.  Eric and David decided to test the study and stopped for a beer at the New Wave Cafe on Allegheny Avenue.  Several trial runs later, David and Eric were determined to spread the word to beer drinkers and runners alike and formed the Fishtown Beer Runners.  The first official run, with four runners, took place on December 20, 2007 to the Druid’s Keep.

The group has grown from two to four to 100 runners on any given Thursday night. FBR has turned many walkers into runners, many runners into marathoners, and many beer drinkers into beer aficionados.  Along the way we made many friends, attracted people from all over the city, and dropped a lot of cash in local businesses. We’ve run many miles and drunk many gallons of good beer.  We have been written about,  on the evening news,  copied, and pronounced by running guru Chris McDougall as the “Coolest running club in America”.  We have been acknowledged in Spain by Professor Manuel Castillo as the founders of the beer running movement.  Besides running and drinking, we’ve raised money and volunteered for many worthy causes including Manna, Philabundance, Clothes-Pin, American Cancer Society, Back On My Feet, and many others.

So cheers to all of you for making FBR fun and for understanding that you can indeed combine responsible running with responsible consumption  in the interest of science  (well, at least most of you).   We will celebrate on Thursday, December 20th with a run to Standard Tap.  Our resident FBR pastry chef, Justin Relkin, has been working on a 5th anniversary cake for months now!

“To the Professor!”


Fishtown Beer Runners, November, 2007.


Fishtown Beer Runners, December, 2007.


Fishtown Beer Runners, 2008.


Fishtown Beer Runners, 2009.

Fishtown Beer Runners, 2012