Local running club hydrates with unlikely drink

The Fishtown Beer Runners stop for beer after their runs every Thursday night.



It’s all for the sake of science. 

At least that’s what David April, co-founder of the Fishtown Beer Runners, said about the No. 1 running club of 2013 named by Philadelphia magazine.

The destination of the Fishtown Beer Runners on Nov. 14 was Kelliann’s Bar & Grill on 1549 Spring Garden St. The bar was flooded with runners, drink in hand, toasting to their three-mile run that night. April stood on a stool among the sweaty chatter, looking down at the sweatbands and tightly-laced tennis shoes, and raised his glass – all in the name of science.

Started in Fall 2007, the Beer Runners meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. in Fishtown to start their three-to-five-mile run, ranging from about 65 to 100 runners, depending on the weather. After the run, members stop at one of Philadelphia’s bars for a beer.

“I decided to try to train for a 5K when my friend told me about a professor that did research about hydrating with beer,” April said. “We tried it and realized the study left questions unanswered.”

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