FBR runners have never been merely fair weather friends. Case in point: last Thursday’s run through rain, hail, sleet, and, in greatest magnitude, slush, to the Veteran’s Boxing Association in the heart of Port Richmond. This locale was special in a number of ways, first in that it’s not even a public bar, but a private bar/refuge for the local veteran’s boxing association, a cause that supports former boxers in need. (I’m sure a few beers don’t hurt after a career of taking punches like a pro either.) We scored an exclusive invitation through our own Freddy Druding (who also happens to be “South Philly’s own” celebrated boxer Fred Druding!). See his photo for that winner’s pose.


Our group of runners was a select, yet hearty bunch, willing to tromp through slush puddles and dodge waterfalls under the expressway. After getting thoroughly chilled and wet, the warm hospitality of the boxing association was especially welcome. We got to sip $3 PBC brews among sepia-toned photos of historic boxers, and get served by Kelly Ryan, the Silver Medalist at the Ringside World Boxing Championships (so I hope we put on our very best behavior). The club even ordered us pizza, which was generous and especially welcome since SEPTA was taking a break that night.

This run was a reminder a snow day doesn’t have to mean “skip a run” day and that boxers current and former make for excellent drinking companions. I don’t recall ever hearing such a high cheer/word ratio for David April’s toast. We thank the Veterans’ Boxing Association and Freddy for letting us in the ring, and I hope we can entice more boxers to run with us and buy them a beer in return.

–Jessica Clegg