With out question the highlight of our recent trip to Spain was meeting The Professor,  Dr. Manuel Castillo.  He was an inspiration to us all and we were thrilled to spend time with him.  Many of you had the opportunity to experience what I have known for many years, that Manuel is  gracious, kind, humble and as Eric Fielder said, “The most interesting professor in the world!”   Manuel wanted me to share a letter with you that he wrote to me expressing his gratitude.

Mi querido amigo, my dear friend,

I wish I could express my feelings given my poor English.  Anyway, I will do my best but you must think that if I said these words in Spanish, they would be much more emotional.

It is me who is thankful to you and all your friends for coming to Granada. If you all enjoyed your travel and seeing Granada,  then I enjoyed your visit and gracious presence here even more.  During your visit, you saw new places, streets, monuments, and views… perhaps they were nice and interesting to see.  But for me,  I had the unique opportunity to meet you and Carmen again, and to meet your friends.  This encounter was much, much more important to me.  People are always more important than places or monuments. And when those people are of your kind, the importance is immense.

You all irradiated joy, happiness, friendship and well-being.  Thank you for your gifts, but your presence and joy for life were the best presents.  It was simply magic. I have been many times to the places you visited in Granada, and you must know that they had a special dimension, a brighter appearance when you were there. I do not know why; maybe it was your positive energy.  I have organized many events with people  from all over the world, I have always done my best, and as far as I know, my guests always had a good time. With you it was different, this good time was contagious and I was the first to feel it.  You all irradiated happiness from the very first minute I met you at the train station (despite the rain!) and during your entire stay.

You are very fortunate to be like you are, to have the friends that you have and to have so much fun being together.  It is me who is lucky and honored for giving me the opportunity to share this positive atmosphere and to enjoy your friendship. The doors of Granada will be always opened to you and the Fishtown Beer Runners.

And, David, DNA, what I always say regarding your merit, originality and creativity about beer running is not only the recognition of an incontrovertible reality but also the recognition and acknowledgement that you deserve.  I have always said it, and I will always say so. My research may have been the spark, but you and your FBR have converted a humble spark into a flame that brings light and warm to the world.

So it is me, me in the name of so many others, who says, “Thank You.”  Thanks to you and all my dear Fishtown Beer Runners, for being like you are, and for your warmth and friendship!

Otro fuerte abrazo para ti, para Carmen y para todos mis amigos de ahí.


(the Professor, the Professor who learns from you)