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This past weekend, a crew of Fishtown Beer Runners trekked out to Cape Cod to participate in the Cape Cod Marathon weekend in Falmouth, MA, consisting of a half marathon, marathon–and for those seeking the ultimate test (ahem, Fred Druding), the Clam Chowdah Challenge, a combination of the two races. Saturday kicked off the half marathon, a breathtaking, coastal-hugging route leading to the closest mainland point to Martha’s Vineyard, and back. Fred Druding, Brooke Fahringer, Caitlin Cotter, and Kelly Payne all rocked the race. Also running was Jane April (cousin of David), who came over to greet us based on our FBR tees (basically an international welcome sign these days) and took the time to snap a pre-race pic.

After a long day of running or spectating (me), we collapsed back in the Chatham Clegg residence for some chow, R&R, and, as you’d probably guess, a local beer or two. All carbo-loading tastes better topped with fresh seafood in my opinion, especially an epic cioppino courtesy of David Clegg. And if you’re ever in Chatham, stop by Marion’s Pie Shop, snag the Bumbleberry, and eat all of it, ideally late at night and straight from the box with a fork.

But that’s not it. Sunday was marathon day for myself and for Freddie, who, despite living up to his recent FBR award and participating in every conceivable athletic club in the days prior, was determined to add 26.2 to his 13.1. The Cape Cod marathon route was not the easiest way to meet this goal–nearly 24 miles of uninterrupted hills (that seemed to defy physics and go up more often than they did down). We ran for miles over sun-dappled woodland roads, a route that Freddie accurately dubbed a “paved trail run.” Water station volunteers when asked whether this was the last hill would–whether out of pity or amusement– reply, “Oh, yes, definitely!” But…there was always one more. Finally, at mile 22, marathoners rounded a corner to run by a gorgeous historic lighthouse (of course, it was set atop a hill).

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But, finish we did. And then there was chowdah, which was tasted particularly amazing after feeling like you’d been strapped to a sadistic stairmaster for 5+ hours. For his new rank as “Clam Chowdah Challenger, Freddie received a trophy and ceremonial chowdah bowl that I hope he will fill for many years to come.

 While the drive was long, and the course tough, it was an incredible weekend, and I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow FBR friends who had amazing runs, and, rather than sleep in, came out to support and motivate me in my miles of need. I hope we kicked off a chowdah road trip tradition for years to come.

—Jessica Clegg