Forth­com­ing film fol­lows story of Fishtown Beer Run­ners from Phil­adelphia to Spain.

When Fishtown res­id­ent and Fishtown Beer Run­ners co-founder and pres­id­ent, Dav­id April, 49, began run­ning sev­en years ago, he nev­er ima­gined that his hobby would even­tu­ally lead to a group of roughly a few hun­dred reg­u­lars, a glob­al reach, and now a fea­ture doc­u­ment­ary.

April was com­pletely new to run­ning in Novem­ber 2007 when his friend, Eric Field­er, star­ted train­ing him for his first 5K. After one of their train­ing ses­sions, Field­er told him about a sci­entif­ic study about the hy­dra­tion ef­fects of both beer and wa­ter after a run con­duc­ted by Dr. Manuel Castillo, a pro­fess­or at the Uni­versity of Granada Med­ic­al School in Spain.

Click HERE for entire article by Melissa Komar, The Star, Nov. 11, 2014.