In 2007, Eric Fiedler and I had no idea that the Fishtown Beer Runners and the concept of combining responsible running and drinking in the interest of science would have such appeal. In fact, the little club that meets on my door step (and at 7th & Bainbridge) every Thursday night has grown and grown bringing together new and advanced runners from across Philadelphia and around the world. We all share a passion for running, a desire to contribute to our community, and enjoy good conversation over a refreshing beer. Many people have noticed us and I expect many more will after the official release of the documentary film “Beer Runners”.

As more official chapters of the Fishtown Beer Runners form, it is necessary to have a common logo that communicates what we are about and the passion we share. I challenged Brian Potash of Devilfish Ink, to create a new brand. Brian developed the original Fishtown Beer Runners logo and is one of the most talented design artists I know. Together we came up with the concept of the Beer Runners Crest with the goal of having a more unified brand linking the chapters, thus the emphasis on Beer Runners over individual locations. The crest communicates the essential elements of Beer Runners: beer, running, community, and science. The hands represent community outreach and friendship. “Plus Ultra” means More Beyond and is from the Spanish crest, thus represents our connection to Spain and the beer hydration study conducted by “The Professor”, Dr.Manuel J Castillo Garzon at the University of Granada. “Plus Ultra” also expresses that running has enabled each of us go beyond what we thought possible. All chapters shirts will bare the Beer Runners Crest on front, along with the iconic Beer Runners footprints on the back. While the Beer Runners Crest will be our primary logo, the much beloved FBR logo will not completely disappear. It will still be available on club shirts.

We’ll begin to roll out new shirts very soon for Fishtown and Narberth with other chapters to follow. More changes are coming including a new website. Don’t worry, News On Tap will continue to hound you weekly, at least for now.

Thank you for all your support and cheers to all the exciting things that are happening!

–David April