20170414_195652Philadelphia Brewing Company, in consultation with The Professor Dr Manuel J Castillo Garzon and the Fishtown Beer Runners, has brewed a special hydration beer for runners. Ladies and gentlemen – ELECTRO LYTE!

Electro Lyte will be served at the Beer runners Summit on Friday, April 21st during the BEER RUNNERS film screening to benefit the Oncology Social Work Emergency Fund at The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson.

Electro Lyte
A very sessionable, full-bodied Pale Ale with a low ABV (3.9%), brewed with apricots, white and pink grapefruit, a touch of Himalayan pink salt and rye malts. It has a very generous amount of aroma hops including Chinook and Nugget. This beer contains more electrolytes than your average brew (namely sodium and potassium) due to the addition of apricots, grapefruits and pink salt which naturally contain a high amount of these minerals. It is the ideal run recovery beer or even better, the perfect beer to recover from a run with fellow runner buddies!