22051332_10158215932988682_3695054886569563325_oFBR returns to Interstate Drafthouse which is under new ownership and two of them happen to be FBR’s own Bob Ritchie and Mike McCloskey!

Bob said they are definitely going to have some good beer specials. This might be subject to change so stay tuned but Bob was thinking of doing a cash only tub of cans out back so there will be multiple spots for people to buy beer, to keep wait times down. They will have $2 Tecate cans, $3 Delco Lager cans, $4 M.I.A Mega Mix cans (provided their distributor can get them more – they’re in demand), and maybe a few other surprises in can form!!! $3 Kenzinger pints on draft inside, most likely another tap special as well but again stayed tune.

Interstate Drafthouse is 0.36 miles, http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/1797427763 from the Fishtown Beer Runners’ start location at Palmer Park located at Frankford Ave & East Palmer

If you want to run longer this route is 6.32 miles from the Fishtown start location – http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/1797460928

Routes subject to modification at the beginning of the run.

Can’t make it to Fishtown, groups leave from 7th & Bainbridge and the Courtyard of City Hall at 7:00 PM.


By participating in a Fishtown Beer Runners (FBR) group run or event, you acknowledge that running can be a dangerous sport and that you alone are responsible for your safety and/or actions. You should ensure that you are physically fit enough to participate in FBR runs and events. The organizer, other members of Fishtown Beer Runners, and our running locations are not liable for your safety and/or actions.