It has taken me almost a month to process my thoughts about the Mayor’s Cup and how to express how proud I am of FBR and our sister Beer Runners chapters. We raised over $10,000 for the American Cancer Society, placed second in the Men’s category, fielded the most volunteers, and hosted a heck of an after-party with our Manayunk Beer Runners friends and D’Nation!

I’m truly in awe of your generosity in achieving our fundraising goal. And to think we did it mostly one beer at a time with $5, $10 and $25 pledges. Special thank you to those who were able to give more. (you know who you are 🙂 ). It was a pleasure to work with Jessica Casale and American Cancer Society DetermiNation Philadelphia. The money we raised will be put to good use in funding research and helping those fighting the good fight. Beyond this fundraising campaign, you give all year around. On top of the $6,500 we raised last year for Ella’s Retreat, we supported MANNA, Koman Breast Cancer Walk, Special Olympics, Achilles, Student’s Run, and the Travis Manion Foundation to name a few. Thank you for giving back to the community.

You might not know this, but the MC Charity Competition was inspired by FBR and the community work we’ve done over the many years. Our charity work is an important part of FBR’s mission and has influenced others clubs to do the same.

What can I say about our competitive runners?! We have placed 3 out of the 4 years including: 2nd place Men’s (2018), 3rd place Men’s (2017), and 3rd place Women’s (2015). Congratulations!! When FBR began in 2007, well before beer running was popularized, I was concerned that we would not be taken seriously as runners. No doubt we have shown that a running club that enjoys beer can indeed consistently field competitive runners…all while engaging runners of all abilities and experience levels.

The outpouring of support from our sister chapters, Manayunk BR, Bucks County BR, and the Northeast Philadelphia BR was amazing. Manayunk fielded a strong team, raised money for their charity, and helped organize the after-party. Bucks County helped us with our final raffle and donated proceeds from the all-chapter shirt. NEPBR hosted a fundraiser to support our charity. I’m still incredibly moved by that gesture of support. All in all it proves that working together and supporting one another, no matter what chapter or what running club you belong to, benefits us all.

There are too many people to thank, but I will give it a shot. I’m sorry if I forget someone. If I do, please say so in the comments. First and foremost, I want to thank each FBR member who donated money, volunteered, or participated in one of the MC races. You all represented FBR very well. Thank you to our MC Captains: Keith Tomaselli Jill Capel Melissa Mondelloand Fred Druding. Special shout out to Keith for arranging with Fishtown Brewpub to donate the proceeds from the beer he brewed as well as helping me arrange some of the other fundraisers. Karen Werme rocks for organizing the after-party single handily and for not killing me for oversleeping and missing my 5:30 AM pick up. Rod Zilla what can I say? Thanks for putting together our fundraiser at JB’s…how about that band, Candy Volcano!?! Thank you Johnny Brenda’s – Greg MunganPaul KimportWilliam Reed for donating the use of JB’s. Regina Hastings single handily put together our karaoke night at Donna’s…you are the best and an inspiration as we fight the good fight. Philadelphia Brewing Company was an awesome place to have our final fundraiser, thank you for hosting us Nancy Barton and Phil Abrucco and thank you for donating to the cause. Joseph Galster thank you for donating your left over Llama Tooth beer stock for the fundraiser at the 2nd Street Society. Pat McCloskey thank you for putting together the all chapter singlet and for your thoughtfulness in donating a portion to both ACS and the North Light Community Center. My deepest appreciation goes out to Colleen White and Brenda Fath Lager and all the NEPBR for embracing the spirit of beer running and being a positive force in the community.

Thank you FBR for enriching my life and for being what Christopher Mcdougall called, the “Coolest running club in America!”

–David April