On Thursday, December 20, the Fishtown Beer Runners will turn eleven!  It was during a run, Eric Fiedler told me a whacky story about a medical doctor in Spain who did a hydration study with beer.  On that cold morning, Eric planted the seed in my mind that would grow into an international social running movement. I never anticipated the impact FBR would have on my life or the lives of others near and far.  I am most proud of the many people who have transformed their lives through the power of running and credit FBR for being a source of support and encouragement.  FBR has inspired many non-runners to make their first run, smokers to put down their cigarettes, casual runners to become marathoners, and marathoners to become ultra-marathoners.

Over the years I’ve had the honor of meeting many amazing people from atop my steps and now atop a bench in Palmer Park.  I’m in awe of your commitment to our community, your philanthropy, your running accomplishments, and maintaining FBR as a welcoming and encouraging place for new people to gather. Together we have accomplished much including launching the Beer Runners movement in Spain, domestic and international chapters, tens of thousands of dollars raised for charity, inspired an award-winning documentary, Beer Runners Summit with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, 2 Best of Philly awards, 10 Beer Runners weddings (including my own), 6+ Beer Runners babies, articles in GQ Magazine, Runners World Spain, Philly Magazine, The New York Times, and christened the “coolest running club in America” by Christopher Mcdougall. Our shirts have been to Antarctica, Moscow, New Zealand, China, and flown over Afghanistan. Oh and we F’d cancer along the way.  It has been a heck of a ride!

I began running and FBR as an outlet to help me navigate a difficult period in my life and I drew upon the club for strength and friendship.   Today as I face the challenge of cancer, FBR continues to be a source of the love and support.  I am truly grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you Beer Runners, current and alumni, for giving more than you take and inspiring others to achieve more than they expected. And thank you, Eric and Manuel, for 11 amazing years of running and friendship.

–David April