CONGRATULATIONS to the 2018 Spirit of FBR Award and the President’s Choice Award winners!

Beer Runners was founded on the simple principle that running together encourages us to exceed our goals, and empowers us to overcome the challenges we face. Our values include inclusiveness, kindness, tolerance and giving back to the community. The Spirit of FBR winners, each in their own way, reflect these principles and values and demonstrate on a daily basis what it means to be a Beer Runner. Congratulations and thank you for the pride and spirit you bring to FBR.

Spirit of FBR 2018 Recipients

Ceasar Bautista
Lisa Charleson
Phillip Farber
David Ignall
Patrick Pang
Nicholas Piscitelli

The President’s Choice Award is given to an individual who not only exemplifies the spirit of beer running but also demonstrates leadership in supporting FBR’ mission. Carolyn Redmond is a true leader with a “leave it with me” attitude. Thank you for your hard work, and all you have done and continue to do for FBR. Congratulations Carolyn!

Thank you to the Awards Committee: Rod Zilla, Elana Flehinger, Jennifer Smith Gamba, Keith Tomaselli, David Ignall, and myself. The committee is made up of the FBR 3 location run leaders. (please note Dave Ignall had no idea we selected him