In collaboration with the Fishtown Beer Runners, Azuka Theatre presents a staged reading of Lee Porter’s screenplay, To The Professor! Based on the true story, a new screenplay about redemption, recovery, love, friendship, running & beer … “in the name of science.” About 8 years ago or so, Lee started writing a (fiction based on fact) screenplay about David N. April starting FBR.

Already going through his third divorce (not true) and just turning 40 (not true), Philadelphian David April reads about a Spanish professor whose research proves a pint of beer after a long-distance run is more beneficial than water. Based on a true story (and extremely fictionalized), David and a friend put this discovery to the test one Thursday night in 2007 and continue every week from there on after, thereby founding the most popular running club in Philadelphia, the Fishtown Beer Runners. With the help of a strong running community, David finds a deeper purpose, rediscovers love, raises a family, endures more life challenges, and makes a lifelong friend from Spain, The Professor.

Dedicated to telling the stories of outcasts and underdogs Azuka Theatre has built a reputation for accessible, thought-provoking and socially conscious theater and been hailed as “a company to watch” and a “major player on the Philadelphia alternative theatre scene.” Azuka Theatre is the first theater company in Philadelphia (and in the country) to offer its entire season of productions as Pay What You Decide wherein patrons can reserve tickets, see the show, then decide the value of their experience and pay as they leave the theater. Every Production, Every Performance, Everyone.

The reading is Saturday, September 28th at 2:00 PM at the Azuka Theatre located at 302 S Hicks St, Philadelphia, PA 19102.  There is no cost of admission. Azuka was the first theatre in the country to offer “Pay What You Decide” (you pay after the performance).  This is a reading, featuring professional actors, so if you’d like to chip in some bucks on your way out, that would be amazing & greatly appreciated. But it’s not required at all.  There will be awesome Two Roads beer specials available (benefiting Azuka), and yes, you can bring your beers into the theatre and drink while you enjoy.