Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap is one of the last old school Fishtown bars left in the hood. Doreen still owns the establishment and her sister Sharon will be behind the bar Thursday night running the show. Sharon is very excited to have FBR coming in again! This is a CASH ONLY run but don’t worry there is an ATM in the bar and just in case there was some concern the bar has been smoke free for some time now.

The specials: TBD

The Fishtown Beer Runners meet every Thursday at 7pm at three different starting locations throughout the city (http://fishtownbeerrunners.com/when-and-where/):
Palmer Park in Fishtown
Courtyard of City Hall
7th & Bainbridge in South Philadelphia

Palmer Park Routes:
Short 0.52 miles – http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/1483447768
Long 6.68 miles – http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/1483450264

Courtyard of City Hall Routes:
Short 0.00 miles – TBD
Long 0.00 miles – TBD

7th & Bainbridge Routes: Determined at the start

Routes subject to modification at the beginning of the run.


By participating in a Fishtown Beer Runners (FBR) group run or event, you acknowledge that running can be a dangerous sport and that you alone are responsible for your safety and/or actions. You should ensure that you are physically fit enough to participate in FBR runs and events. The organizer, other members of Fishtown Beer Runners, and our running locations are not liable for your safety and/or actions.