The Fishtown Beer Runners® combine responsible running and consumption in the interest of science. We gather once a week to run three to five miles, and conclude each run at a pub for a beer or two.

FBR officially launched the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee co-chaired by Nana Opoku and Kinzey Lynch.  The committee is the outgrowth of listening sessions held this summer with minority members of FBR and the Philadelphia running community, and not in reaction to a particular incident.  Because of the memberships’ commitment to fostering a positive atmosphere, FBR is taking this proactive approach to better exemplify and live its values and grow the group to more accurately reflect the diversity of the Philadelphia running community. The committee will set goals and action steps over the next couple of months and will keep the club informed of their progress. The committee welcomes your ideas, so please reach out to any members listed below with your thoughts and suggestions.

Kinzey Lynch, Co-Chair
As a 2019 graduate of Drexel University, I was one of the first totally blind students to obtain a Bachelor’s degree from LeBow College of Business. In addition to firsthand experiences dealing with diversity and inclusion, I’m excited to bring my passion for running, and love for Fishtown Beer Runners to the committee in order to foster an inclusive and diverse running community.

Nana Opoku, Co-Chair
I started running with the Fishtown Beer Runners over five years ago and have always enjoyed being a member.  I joined the committee as its goals to further promote inclusion and diversity in running will be beneficial to the Fishtown Beer Runners and to the running community in Philadelphia.

Megan Acedo
I joined FBR in January 2019 after starting my running journey in May 2018.  Running helped me find connections, renew my health, and achieve more goals than I ever thought I could. Running should be able to be that community for everybody, and everybody should include people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and identities. I want to help FBR actively and intentionally welcome the diversity of people already present in our community and reach out beyond it. I come to the committee with over 15 years of experience and involvement in diversity, equity, and inclusion spaces through my church and workplace.

David April
I organized FBR in 2007 to be a community-based running club open to everyone no matter one’s running ability, gender, race, sexual identity, or religion.  In light of recent events, I came to the realization that while FBR welcomes all, it still lacks diversity.  The formation of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is FBR first step in proactively building a more diverse club, one that reflects Philadelphia and the entire running community.

Lavar Curley
I joined the committee because I have roots with Philadelphia and FBR. I strongly believe every individual has the ability to change the world through positive actions. As runners I believe we do this when we lace up and hit the trails, one step at a time. I am an avid traveler with my culinary certifications from Paris and Barcelona. I love great food, good beer and red wine, they pair very well with great company. I run sometimes.

Cedric “Ced” Edwards
I’m excited to be a member of the committee to offer my insights to help ensure Fishtown Beer Runners is an all inclusive group that values, welcomes and enriches it’s members. My hope is that the committee action items become long-lasting principles that will make FBR the premier running club in the Philly area. Cheers!

Alejandra Murgueytio
I found FBR about 6 years ago when I was commuting to Philadelphia for work and research a new town where I can start over. After my first run I knew I found my people, the kind of running group that suited me and the friends who became family to me, I felt welcome since day and made my decision to move to Philadelphia full time. Being part of FBR diversity initiative it’s a great opportunity to help others like me, I can help to introduce new members to the group if they feel intimidated by the language barrier.

Patrick Pang
Having spent my childhood growing up in a multi-cultural environment, I would like to share my experience with the Fishtown Beer Runners and to be a part of the running community to broaden and to promote participation by all.

Carolyn Redmond
I’ve been a member of Fishtown Beer Runners since 2010.  When I’m not toeing the start line myself, I can be seen professionally in the roles of Race Director and Race Timer.  After the tragic murder of Ahmaud Arbery, I realized that I had a blindspot for the experiences of runners of color and other marginalized people, and that others may not experience the same comradry and acceptance that I feel while running.  I volunteered to be on FBR’s DEI committee because I see the opportunity FBR has to be a leader in making running a more inclusive space.

Guillermo Torres
I’m originally from México and found FBR to be my home away from home. Looking forward to working with the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee to make sure that we as an organization can formally commit to actively reinforcing our values of inclusion and make a real effort to reach out to our community and strengthen our connections with it.

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