Fishtown Beer Runners co-founders, Eric Fiedler and David April

One afternoon in November, 2007 while running together in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia,  Eric Fiedler told David April about a beer study conducted by Professor Manuel Castillo at the University of Granada, Spain.  Eric and David decided to test the study and stopped for a beer at the New Wave Cafe on Allegheny Avenue.  Several trial runs later, David and Eric were determined to spread the word to beer drinkers and runners alike and formed the Fishtown Beer Runners.  The first official run, with four runners, took place on December 20, 2007 to the Druid’s Keep.

The Fishtown Beer Runners® combine responsible running and consumption in the interest of science. We gather once a week to run three to five miles, and conclude each run at a pub for a beer or two.

The primary mission is to test the results of the scientific research study conducted by Manuel J Castillo-Garzon, MD, Professor of Medical Physiology, School of Medicine,  University of Granada. The study said that beer and water have similar rehydration effects under the conditions of his study which compared a moderate amount of beer (660 ML) to the same amount of water.

•     to encourage people to exercise by running (or walking)
•     to provide camaraderie for new runners
•     to promote the responsible enjoyment of QUALITY beer
•     to support local tavern owners and breweries
•     to promote a ban on spandex

How it Works
There are predetermined destinations (which will change weekly) about three to five miles. (sometimes longer sometimes shorter). The destination is a tavern where there is QUALITY beer.

As with a typical 5K, faster runners will lead, followed by slower paced runners, followed by walkers. The course will loop, so that runners and walkers will arrive around the same time. For example the destination tavern will be about the first mile from the start. Walkers will walk the mile to the destination. Runners will run a circuitous route to reach the destination. There are no dues, and everyone is responsible for buying their own beer.

Responsible Consumption
The Fishtown Beer Runners® promote responsible beer consumption. Responsible consumption means consuming QUALITY beer and drinking within one’s limits. Please note, drinking beer while running will not be permitted. We also ask that you refrain from endangering your body by drinking any of the major macro beers.


There is no formal membership, no fees or dues.  Fishtown Beer Runners® is open to anyone over 21. New and seasoned runners are welcomed. Elite runners should remember this is primarily a social outing and should plan to do greater distances before meeting. The club is also open to walkers and yes, even non drinkers.

Start Location
Start at Palmer Park, E. Palmer St & Frankford Avenue every Thursday at 7:00 PM sharp.  Our South Philadelphia group starts at 7th and Bainbridge at 7:00 PM sharp.


Fishtown Beer Runners is registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Fishtown Beer Runners, November, 2007.

First official beer run, December 20, 2007.

Fishtown Beer Runners, 2008.










Fishtown Beer Runners, 2009.

Fishtown Beer Runners, 2012.